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Logo and cover illustration for the podcast, Rice Coconut Life, hosted by two Kiwis, Taks and Trey, taking the public's pulse on current happenings in life, business, politics and culture and bringing impactful insights from New Zealand to the world. 

RICE (Taks' Hong Kong culture)

COCONUT (Trey's Samoan culture)

LIFE (a shared journey)

The boys were after a visual identity that would unify their respective cultural heritages to represent the diverse yet shared perspectives they serve up on their podcast. Accordingly, we've got Taks' chopsticks and rice component of Rice Coconut Life dished out in Trey's coconut bowl held in his tattooed hand, as a respectful nod to Samoan tattooing tradition. Light, bright yellow represents the duo's sense of fun, optimism and a motivational approach to life.

Rice Coconut Life: Text
Rice Coconut Life - Large Square.jpg
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