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A comic published in the November/December 2020 issue of Good magazine, observing the intersection between modern minimalism and the perennial Millennial, Gen-Z and trans-generational love of house plants.

The narrative follows the vine, centering on a girl who spots a particularly succulent-looking succulent on Instagram. She researches and dreams about owning one herself, makes her first purchase at the garden centre, then grows her collection through further purchases, a plant subscription box, and even hosting a flat-warming party to rake in the obligatory plant gifts. Her hoarding soon transforms her living room into a thriving garden. With too many roots to feed, a Marie Kondo-style intervention is staged, which our girl resists. Instead, she gifts  her surplus plants to her friends to start their own green-thumbed collections. She ultimately finds inner peace by enjoying plants in moderation.

Personal Growth: Image
Personal Growth House Plants Illustratio
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